Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pecos 2 and Free Comic Book Day!

         This is the product of months of slaving over a hot drawing table. Pecos 2 "High Noon" adds another tale to the mythos of Pecos Bill as told by writer supreme RJ Casey! About 9 months ago RJ and I started Yeti Press. From our first convention with only Pecos #1 and two of our own mini comics we have grown to publishing not only our comics, but the comics of our super talented friends bumping our book count up to 10!!! I couldn't be happier with where we have been and where we are going. The online store at http://www.yetipress.com/ will be up and running soon, so keep your peepers peeping and save your pennies, 500 pennies if you want the awesome that is Pecos 2 "High Noon"which I think is my best stuff iv done so far. Free Mustache! 

I almost forgot!!!! The awesome folks at Alley Cat Comics are having us sell our Yeti Press stuffs at their store this Saturday for Free Comic Book Day! So come on down to 5304 N. Clark Street in Andersonville, get some free comics and….FREE MUSTACHE!!!

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